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Umm, do you know anything as to when Hoshino will start drawing and releasing D gray man chapters again?

Unfortunately, there have been no announces as to when Hoshino will start drawing D.Gray-man again.


Since we don’t yet have a clear picture of Neah, we’ll use this image of Allen in Noah form instead!

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Since we don’t yet have a clear picture of Neah, we’ll use this image of Allen in Noah form instead!


I received an interesting mail filled with questions, and I thought I would share with you my answers to some of them.

"When did you first start reading manga and watching anime and how?"

I, like many others, have first been introduced to anime and only later to manga. It happened quite a long time ago, when we were no older than twelve or thirteen; we had this kid’s program that ended at around eight PM and this one time, for whatever reason, we stuck by the TV without switching or turning it off and a few minutes later, a program called, at the time, A+ started. That was when we first saw anime. Of course, like most, we had seen “Pokemon” and “Digimon”, but we had no idea it was anime. As for manga, we found out about its existence around the time we finished eight grade.

"What were the first animes you ever watched?"

Excluding “Pokemon”, which we had no idea was anime, and “Sailor Moon”, because I don’t remember much of it except the cat, the first animes we saw, in Japanese too (which was a first), were “Yu Yu Hakusho” , “Inuyasha” , “Kiddy Grade” (aka “The girl with socks” as my grandfather used to call it) “Yu-Gi-Oh!” , “Naruto” , “Bleach” and “Tokyo Mew Mew”

"And the first mangas you ever read?"

The very first manga I read was “One Piece” because the characters looked familiar and I really enjoyed it and still am to this very day. I would say others I’ve read at the time were “Bleach” and “Naruto” Only later did I actually start consuming more though.

"Why do you like D.Gray-man so much?"

I am actually really proud to say that I started reading “D.Gray-man” when it was still quite young; it barely had one volume out and a few chapters. I first found it because of a really nice fanart of Allen and I became curious and searched it. I fell in love with it right away for different reasons: being and artist myself, I am a big sucker for well-drawn manga and even though the art style was a bit stiff and forced, I really liked it; I am also a very big fan of details and Hoshino has proven quite a lot of times she has good attention to details. And before I knew it, I was drawn into the story and fell in love with the characters. Later I found out of the anime and watched it; and while I did enjoy it, it can’t even come close to how much I love the manga.

"And lastly, would you mind recommending a few good animes you’ve seen recently?"

I’m not that confident recommending animes because everyone likes different things, but I will share the most recent ones I’ve watched and enjoyed.
"Noragami" - It’s a fantasy story with Gods and Spirits and it is very entertaining. The manga is ongoing and it is, I believe a monthly series, with each chapter having around fifty pages. The anime is pretty short with only twelve episodes, but they are well done and the animation is quite good. The anime is different from the manga at the last episodes, but it’s still well done and enjoyable. 
"Kuroko no Basuke" - I, never in my life, thought I would watch a sport’s anime, but a friend recommended it so I said I would give it a try. I loved it from the very first episode and found myself very hyped in the matches. The animation is good and it currently has two seasons out, with a third on the way. The manga is longer, and I only started reading it because I was very curious what happened next.
"Free!" - Yes, I said it. I actually tried my hardest to not watch it, but then a friend told me it’s not what it looks like so I ended up watching it anyway. The first few episodes deserve a warning though, with all the man-service, but it actually has a very good story behind it. Surprisingly. It’s a short anime, but it’s quite nice. Also, the animation is very good, especially the water.
Those are the ones I’ve seen recently; but if you want more, here are some that I liked "Anohana" , "Steins;Gate", "Attack on Titan" , "Gurren Lagann" , "Summer Wars" , "Natsume Yuujinchou" , "Ghost Hound" , ”Ouran High School Host Club”

There were some more questions, but these ones I thought were more interesting and fun to share.

Thank you for your time.
Have a great day.