Is there anything new about ch 219 " D gray man manga" Thank you !!

There has yet to be an announcement regarding the continuation of D.Gray-man.

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What is this illness?????????????? Piss take

We may never know…

Do you think Cross Marian is alive? I bet he IS alive... to be honest, I hope he is.. ;)

I am thinking he is, as it would be the most plausible explanation for his disappearance. And I too would be glad to see him alive and well.

Do you think is there any possibility for DGM anime to continue?

It would be nice if it continued, however there are certain things that need to happen until then. I think they would wait until the manga is finished and redo the whole series, like with FMA Brotherhood. However, it is possible we may never get to see the rest of the story animated.

The millennium earl handed out random cards to Noah that marked their targets. Do you know which exorcist are which noah's target? I only know Allen-Tyki, Cross-Jasdevi ><

Unfortunately, no, as they do not state who was going after which Exorcist. The ones we do know about are Allen Walker, targeted by Tykki Mikk, Cross Marian, targeted by Jasdebi and Tiedoll Froi, targeted by Skin Bolic.

Is there really only 14 noahs?

Yes, there are a total of 14 Noahs
1. The Earl of Millennium
2. Toraido
3. Tyki Mikk
4. Sheril Kamelot
5. Wisely
6. Fiidora
7. Maashiima
8. Skinn Bolic
9. Road Kamelot
10 & 11. Jasdevi (Jasdero and Devit)
12. Lulu Bell
13. Maitora
14. Nea Walker

How many exorcists are there currently?

There are a total of 12 Exorcists as of last chapter, counting only those working under the Black Order: Kanda, Lavi, Bookman, Miranda, Lenalee, Marie, Chaozii, Timothy, Krory, Winters, Nine and Tiedoll.

I was wondering, why did D. Gray-Man go on hiatus?

D.Gray-man went on hiatus after Hoshino’s illness became too much so she needed a break.